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The Benevolently platform consists of two parts: an AI-based technology platform that matches users with opportunities to help another, and professional services to support employees on their journey in Compassion.

Taken together, Benevolently provides our enterprise customer partners the means to both help employees develop capacity for empathetic connection, and the platform to do so.


An AI-driven platform for curated opportunities for Compassion

The Benevolently technology platform provides your company a complete technology solution that allows your staff to connect to others in both the company’s community of staff and their extended family and friends, as well as the local communities where they live and work. 

Staff are provided both web and app-based experiences that provide curated opportunities to help that are 30 minutes to 1 hour around lightweight tasks. The system understands their schedule, interests, skills, and geo-location movements to provide opportunities of help in a way that makes sense, and doesn’t demand a lot of scheduling or forethought.

Company’s management are provided real-time dashboards and reporting capabilities. Standard reporting, including UN Sustainability Goals, community impact, and more, are made available for the company to report on their impact for their CSR efforts.

Supporting Employees in Compassion

Benevolently offers professional services to our enterprise partners to support their efforts of creating a successful implementation of the platform to their employees. 

This includes initial efforts to get the system established within the organization, including set-up and system usage training. 

Additionally Benevolently provides a range of Compassion Coordination to support your employees as they undergo transformations in connections to both themselves and to the others they are helping. 

Support can can include 1:1 meetings, lunch round tables, weekly Zoom sessions are whatever makes sense for your organization.

Helped 25
people this month

Helped 12
people this month

Helped 21
people this month

Helped 15
people this month

Helped 17
people this month

Helped 9
people this month

Helped 27
people this month

Helped 20
people this month

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Compassion 2.0

July 24th-26th 2020 9am-3pm
Mt. Madonna Center
445 Summit Rd, Watsonville, CA 95076

Today's businesses have tremendous pressure to adapt to the desires of the younger work forces. Employees today are very concerned about the overall footprint of the social, environment, and equity of the company they are working for. Benevolently provides a platform to your employee community to support the people around them.


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