Benevolently for Communities

Benevolently helps communities help themselves.

Service to one another through our community institutions is a part of our core civilization, and has been a part of the fabric of organized society for thousands of years. People are fundamentally a community species, and helping one another is a very good way of mutual survival. Helping each other is in our core being.

The Benevolently platform has been designed for use by communities of all types to facilitate the support each member and their extended friends and family in times of birth, death, illness, hard times, or general assistance, and everything in between. Benevolently helps those communities organize and manage their efforts in a coordinated way, leveraging people's precious time to the most useful they can be to support others who need it.

Benevolently is in the process of working on our Beta for communities, and if you are interested in having your community participate contact us.

Amanda Harris Altice
Program Manager - Communities
831.586.8623 x20


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