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Compassion-based employee wellness
platform for enterprises

Benevolently is a technology and learning platform that provides curated opportunities for one person to help another without expectation of return. We bring people together for compassionate acts.

Enterprises use Benevolently to increase engagement and increase meaningful connections in the every day lives of their employees. 

Benevolently helps employees connect to themselves through their own acts of kindness and compassion to others.

Crisis of Meaning, Connection

Today there is a growing crisis of loneliness, meaning and connection. Rather than connecting people, social media is a source of interpersonal and individual anxiety.

68% of employees are disengaged from their work. 21% of Millennials and Gen Z will change their jobs every year. Medical claims for loneliness and other mental health related issues are on the rise, creating significant expense and challenge for employers. 


Compassionate Acts

There is a crisis of loneliness, meaning and connection.

30 to 60 minutes a week can change the lives of both the giver and receiver. One of the best ways to help with loneliness is to help another person, but most people don't have a simple way to do that in their lives.

Employees will be grateful their company provides the opportunity


Join the compassion revolution & make your company a leader

Today's businesses have tremendous pressure to adapt to the desires of the younger work forces. Employees today are very concerned about the overall footprint of the social, environment, and equity of the company they are working for. Benevolently provides a platform to your employee community to support the people around them.

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people this month

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people this month

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people this month

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people this month

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people this month

Watch the video and see how it works!

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Compassion 2.0 Conference

Bringing Compassion from the Individual into the Institution

November 19th - 21st, 2020


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